New 6 In 1 Ultrasonic Vacuum Cavitation RF BIO LED Slimming Machine

High quality 6 in 1 Ultrasonic Vacuum Cavitation RF BIO LED Slimming Machine, excellent workmanship, quality assurance, durable, discount unlimited

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Working Principle of cavitation machine

1.Bipolar rf ,tripolar RF,4-polar rf ,6 polar RF
Dissolve the fatness ,do lymph drainage ,skin tightening ,enhanced skin elasticity.It takes the most advanced RF technique and energy, directly penetrate into deep-seated cellulite. With targeted oriented RF output , it makes the fatty cells in quick active state ,produces Heat friction , higher the temperature. Through the sweat gland, liver Sausage circulation and lymph, exhaust the redundant fatness and toxins out of the body ,so get the effect of cellulite dissolving.

2.40KHZ Cavitation-Mightily cracking the cellulite, remove the fatness.
It uses the strong ultrasonic head to shoot 40,000Hzultrasonic, after entering the body,Will make the fatty cells useful mighty cracking effect and fatty cells friction, effectivelyExhaust the heat energy, exhaust cells water, let fatty cells shrinking.Ultrasonic vibrates, there will bring mighty impaction among cells, fatty cells will be less, so get effect of fatness removal.

3.Vacuum suck the fat for directional movement, vacuum function can decompose the collagen and add it to the skin, to make the skin more slippery and more delicate.
4. BIO Stick to enhance rejuvenation: use of positive and negative micro-current activation energy release skin cells, so that rapid synthesis of fibroblasts Collagen, elastic skin revert to the original compact, the skin causing the skin to stimulate the muscle tension is increased ,thebyby gradually eliminate wrinkles, prevent skin aging, restoring skin elasticity, facial improvement.


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