360 magneto-optic hair removal beauty instrument and OPT hair removal instrument 4 major differences

- Aug 14, 2018-

Difference 1:

Strong energy: In terms of machine energy output, the output of magneto-optical light acts on our skin.

At least ten times that of OPT, so the effect of our magneto-optic skin rejuvenation is much better than OPT.


Difference 2:

There is no need to change the filter: from the above, the magneto-optical handle does not need to change the slide.

The machine automatically selects the desired length of the light wave to make it easier for our beautician to operate.


Difference 3:

More hair: the number of traditional OPT is 50,000-100,000 shots, and the number of magneto-optical is 200,000-400,000 shots. From the perspective of consumables, the number of magneto-optical head lamps is the traditional OPT gun. Several times the number of shots.


Difference 4:

The effect is better: the magneto-optic uses the perfect pulse and the combination of magnetic crystals, using

Perfect pulsed light to break down the melanin in our skin, using magnetic crystals to extract melanin to me

One of their epidermis, in order to achieve freckled removal.