360 Magneto-Optic Machine Manual

- Aug 11, 2018-

Magneto-optic Theory is an intelligent, non deprived skin reconstruction system which combined with technology of skin cooling system and intense pulse. Magneto-optic treatment can be applied to any kinds of different skin with different targeted solution base on the above  intelligent technologies. Under the protection of the epidermis completely, magneto-optic technology can uniquely decompose the epidermis and the pigments in the dermis so that the energy is focused on the collagen tissue of the dermis and the hair milk part of the hair follicle.



Classic OPT hair removal device:

Function: hair removal and skin rejuvenation, acne acne and red bloodshot acne, effective light 100,000 shoots


360 magneto-optic hair removal machine:

Function: magneto-optic hair removal, single hair removal function, the effect is three times that of OPT, effective light output 400,000 shoots