6 in 1 Newest Oxygen Jet Blackhead Removal Beauty Equipment, Perfect skin care system

- Mar 26, 2018-

do you know?

Almost all skin problems are due to clogged pores.


An important cause of skin problems is hair follicles

The staple food of the hair follicle worm is sebum, and it is not easy to wash the face, remove the makeup, and clean the air environment. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the parasitism of the hair follicles in time.


Want to make your skin white, clean, transparent, moist, The first step is to make your skin clean. 

The skin is not clean, with more skin care products, skin care products are difficult to absorb, The pores are closed and it is futile to add more water. Therefore, if you want to have a perfect skin, you have to open the pores and let the toxins in the inside be discharged.


6 in 1 Newest Oxygen Jet Blackhead Removal Beauty Equipment solve all skin problems


6 in 1 Newest Oxygen Jet Blackhead Removal Beauty Equipment is a set of facial cleaning instrument, iontophoresis instrument, RF importer, ultrasonic induction instrument as one of the multi-functional beauty system. This perfect skin cleansing instrument leads the new era of skin care, cleansing, and Beauty Rejuvenation.


6 in 1 Oxygen Jet During the treatment, a specially designed spiral tip acts directly on the skin to form a vacuum circuit; part of it can be adsorbed, and the cortical debris of the cuticle, the aphids of the hair follicle, the impurities of the pores are adsorbed to the impurity treatment device through a vacuum circuit; another part The small bubbles and nutrient solution can be fully mixed to soften the skin's keratinocytes, to fully replenish nutrients for the hair follicle infundibulum, improve the texture of the skin, and maintain long-lasting radiance and whiteness. Oxygen Hydrate Jet Peel can combine skin cleaning and maintenance and are a must-see for beauty salons!


The seven functions of Oxygen Hydrate Jet Peel:


Wash disposable skin, pores, interstitial and other skin wastes at one time

One-time removal of 90% blackheads and acne remove all 99% of skin allergies at once. Brighten skin tone, remove fine lines, replenish nutrients, firm skin and shrink pores.