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- Oct 10, 2017-

First look at the advantages of laser burst fat slimming device features:

Frozen bursting device combines the "frozen fat" "negative pressure + light carving" three powerful technology as one, deep subcutaneous fat cells, vibration in the cell and produce hole effect, this resonance will make fat cells The manufacture of numerous fine vacuum bubbles so that the bubbles will continue to hit each other, so that the cell membrane inside and outside the positive and negative pressure uneven, when the limit to the cell membrane, it will produce blasting, decomposition and melting fat.


Negative pressure + light energy + RF carving

With negative pressure + light + radio frequency as a whole three, the body fat mobile position and gradually digest, in order to achieve "fat transfer" sculpture body lines, to reproduce the perfect body.

Six advantages easily "thin"

1. minus 4 - 10 degrees of dual-channel system of frozen fat

2. Soft laser anti-inflammatory sterilization technology

3. fat transfer technology

4. Deep heating RF melting technology

5.40K Shock Wave Cellulite Technology

6. Do not complete the process without surgery and anesthesia.