Brief introduction of Laser dispelling scar

- Aug 15, 2017-

Laser dispel scar is to use the laser spot to produce the high fever will sweep the scope of the target sweep, and the laser spot is to change the focus of the laser formation, scanning is the use of graphics generator to complete.

The laser dispel scar uses the compound color light, also is called the intense Pulse Light (IPL), is one kind has the special wavelength broad spectrum visible light, compared with the Pulse laser, has the softer photothermal effect. Compound color-light dispel scar is a new method of non-invasive skin medical cosmetology developed based on composite color-light technology, can improve and treat the skin surface capillary expansion, a variety of pigmentation spots, small static wrinkles, large pores, etc., but also improve the skin texture, restore the skin's luster delicate and elastic.