CO2 Fractional Laser Beauty Equipment postoperative care

- Jan 29, 2018-


How long after the dot matrix laser can be completely restored?

1, Exfoliative lattice laser to be fully restored to be 2-3 months

Dot matrix laser is divided into exfoliative dot-matrix laser and non-exfoliative dot-matrix laser, general exfoliative dot-matrix laser to be fully restored after 2-3 months. The reason why the exfoliative lattice laser recovery period is so long, because the exfoliated lattice laser vaporization of the surface of the skin, a simple understanding is that it will damage the epidermis, so to restore normal skin color to be longer. Carbon dioxide CO2 dot-matrix laser and pixel laser belong to the scope of exfoliative dot-matrix laser, usually takes 2-3 months to fully recover.


2, Non-exfoliating dot matrix laser to be fully restored to 1 month

Non-exfoliating dot-matrix laser, including the shuttle lattice laser, the crown of the king of the dot-matrix laser (also known as photorejuvenation project), usually completely restored to normal need 1 month's time. The reason why it takes a month's recovery time is because the non-exfoliative dot-matrix laser generally does not cause scabs to the skin, so the recovery time is relatively short.

The skin begins to generate new cells after the thermal effect of the non-exfoliative dot-matrix laser. Generally, the skin metabolism period is 28 days, so many of my friends will recover completely after 28 days of non-exfoliative dot-matrix laser.


How long can you wash your face?

You can't wash your face immediately after you finish the laser, and it will take at least a week. The reason for this time limitation is that some people have a scab on their face after they have finished the laser light, and the scab is best not to touch the water. However, the scab will fall off within a week, so it's best to wash your face after a week.

If you want to clean your face a week after the laser operation, it is better to use cotton swab to clean some key areas and avoid the site of laser treatment.


Dot matrix laser how long can make normal makeup?

In the dot-matrix laser beauty treatment, usually at least 2 weeks or more before they can make the normal makeup, it is recommended that the beauty is best to wait until the face does not scab, all the normal skin color to make makeup. The reason why this proposal is because we will inevitably wear make-up skin friction, repeated friction easily lead to pigmentation, resulting in dot-matrix laser anti-black phenomenon.

Therefore, it is best to wait for more than two weeks to finish the dot matrix laser, make up the facial after the basic recovery is good.


Fourth, dot matrix laser correct care to promote recovery


1, postoperative sun protection

After the dot matrix laser beauty care is the most important point to be supplemented by sunscreen, a week after the dot matrix laser treatment, we all need to try to avoid being exposed to ultraviolet light. There is a need to go out, we must cover their own skin, playing parasol and wearing a hat is a good choice. Three days after the dot-matrix laser can use some of the ingredients of natural sunscreen, the general SPF25 SPF25 above it. Suggest beauty who under the guidance of a doctor using medical sunscreen skin care products.

2, postoperative use of medical mask repair

Non-exfoliating lamellar laser skin metabolism after the beauty will speed up, need more water, so you can apply medical repair mask to the facial moisturizing. The general repair mask is rich in collagen, in addition to aseptic, so that you can add moisture to the skin while preventing infection, to avoid the laser rear beauty spot laser phenomenon, resulting in prolonged recovery time.

3, to avoid waterborne infection

Beauty beauty who finished the array laser, the week is not allowed to touch the treatment site, which is mainly to prevent infection. 2 days after the dot matrix laser surgery, use a sterile cotton swab to clean the eyes to clean the dirty, but can not touch the treatment area, but also can not let the treatment area stained with water.

4, skin care to avoid using a special effect of the product

After the United States to make the dot matrix laser beauty, it is generally best not to use within three days after the operation does not contain acid and alkali, exfoliating and whitening ingredients moisturizing skin care products, dot matrix laser surgery after an open wound, You need to wait until after the scab can be used. The reason to avoid the use of special effects products, because whitening, exfoliating effect of skin care products will contain some irritating ingredients that may cause skin allergies, redness of the skin, and even cause inflammation, but also may cause pigmentation , Let the skin turn red or re-form the stain.