CO2 fractional laser vaginal tightening machine operation

- Jan 24, 2018-


Inner vagina

In the upper right corner of the screen, the figure is circular (15 * 15). During operation, the mouthpiece expands the vaginal opening and the stent is inserted until there is resistance. Then the 360 degree cannula is inserted into the bottom and inserted Attention to the treatment of the scale value on the head, step on the pedal light treatment time, the catheter pull 0.5cm distance, step on the pedal light treatment again pull 0.5cm. So repeated until the sleeve to the vaginal opening, and then reinsert In the end, repeated operations twice, three times the total cure Yin.

Vulva and vaginal mouth

The upper right corner of the interface graphics for the square (9 * 9), about 5CM from the vaginal opening, stepped out of light, for treatment.


Turn off the instrument:

1. After using the instrument, it is recommended to turn off the standby before ready to prepare state, and then turn the key switch to "off" position, turn off the instrument.

2. Light guide arm back to the unstressed natural position, in order to maintain a good light path.

3. Remove the cutter head and other tools, take to clean, disinfect.

4. When the instrument is not in use, unplug the key switch should be properly stored to prevent unauthorized personnel to use or operate the instrument.