Early spring hair removal season, hair removal equipment Which is better?

- Mar 03, 2018-

The weather is getting warmer, in order to be able to dress the United States and the United States in the summer, the girls are trying their best to eliminate the body hair, shaving, hair removal cream, waxing eighteen martial arts are used, personally think that laser hair removal is Good choice.


Laser hair removal principle

Laser hair removal takes advantage of the "selective photothermal effect" of the laser, directing the hair follicle directly with a laser that has been redirected to a specific wavelength through the epidermis. Hair follicles, hair dry melanin selective absorption of light energy, the resulting thermal effects hair follicles necrosis, hair will no longer grow, without damaging the surrounding tissue, a slight pain.


Laser hair removal effect

Due to the irreversible process of heat-induced necrosis of hair follicles, laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.


Laser hair removal adaptation

All parts of the body (upper and lower limbs, legs, chest, abdomen, hair, facial beard, bikini line) extra black hair.


Laser hair removal safety

The United States laser hair removal machines have been certified by the United States authority, and after thousands of successful treatment worldwide. Laser hair removal treatment process is simple and fast. Preoperative treatment of part of the surface of the hair shaving, laser energy is selectively absorbed by melanin hair follicles, into heat damage to hair follicles, but not to the surrounding skin damage, so long as the choice of good hospitals and doctors, laser hair removal is very safe .


Laser hair removal needs the number of times

Laser hair removal generally takes three to six times, mainly two factors: First, the hair follicles are mostly bundled together in a group of three, opening in the same pores, a hole in the hair is a group of three hair follicles below it Of a hair follicle grow hair, so a treatment can only destroy a hair follicle in a group; Second, the growth of hair to go through the growth stage, regressing period, rest period, hair growth in the hair laser hair removal is 75% effective, Degenerative period is 25%, the rest period is almost ineffective.


Laser hair removal steps

1, the preparation of skin: In plain language, called shaving, that is, with a one-time hair removal knife to scrape his arms all body scars, so hair removal can be carried out, the light can be hair root "uprooted." Before skin preparation, please keep the cleanliness of the hair removal area to ensure the effect.

2, coated gel: there will be cool, cool effect of the gel applied to the hair removal site, protect the skin, reduce discomfort. There is no hairs on the inside of the arms, but also the right amount of gels can be applied evenly. When hair removal takes place, the light waves are "intimately exposed" to achieve the effect of firming the skin.

3, laser hair removal: the intensity of repeated exposure at the hair removal Department, so that light waves on the root of sweat thoroughly "encirclement and suppression."

4, clean: Gently scrape off the gel, and rinse with water, then rinse, quickly replenish the skin, and painted sunscreen. A week after hair removal, do not use soap and other alkaline toiletries bathing.


Laser hair removal precautions

1, 3 months after treatment to six months to avoid the sun, and use a sunscreen lotion applied by the doctor on the affected area to reduce the sun exposure.

2, after treatment may have slight redness, sensitive skin and itchy or itchy feeling, if you feel pain when using ice to relieve pain.

3, the treatment site to avoid hot water scrub and scrub hard.