Hey guy look here! There have an novel portable hifu machine share with you

- Nov 20, 2017-

Nowaday which life style is popular for people? This is no doubt that lazy style. Many high end technogy help us do many thing to make us feel comfortable and enjoyeble. For example, beauty machine help us keep fit and frozen age by convenient way. Today our protagonist is portable hifu machine. Please enjoy it.


This machine is with 7 .0 inch color touch creen. The power is 800w with 3 heads(1.5mm 3

0mm 4.5mm).


What is hifu? 

It is a breakthrough cosmetic way with nonsuigical treatment, focusing thermal energy on a single point by ultrasonic wave so as to produce high energy on dermis and SMAS layer. The temperature under every single point can be 65ºC~75ºC able to penetrate 3~4.5mm of skin and stimulate byperplasia and recombination of collagen quickly and effectively. There is no need to worry about skin injury; moreover, it has the functions of quick pulling, tightening the contour and smoothing out wrinkles!

How about the function with this machine?

1. Wrinkle ,Eyebrow , double chin removal

2. Jowl , Face ,Neck ,  Forehead lifting

3. Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening;

4. Malar Augmentation;

5. Nasolabial Fold removal;

6. Eye bags removal.


Oh my god! This small equipment can help us do so much treatment. Unbelieveble! Don’t hesitate any more, come on! Pick it up, start your beauty life right now.