HIFU liposonix body shaping slimming machine, not the same weight-loss choice

- Oct 06, 2017-

If you want to quickly have a good body, and do not want to move the knife liposuction, do not want to suffer from the needle bitter pain, but do not want to diet, and now introduce you to a new choice. I believe you will be more like this non-surgical safe weight-loss way, that is the perfect introduction of the latest state, will be detonated this year, a new wave of slim frenzy of a new generation of Liposonic hot plastic, it can not knife, Specific parts of the fat dissolved, no pain and discomfort, and safe no side effects.

Thermoplastics Ultrasonic Focusing Grease Aromatherapy The use of focused ultrasound (HIFU), deep subcutaneous 1.3cm treatment, interference with subcutaneous fat cells, the use of heat to permanently destroy subcutaneous fat, directly reduce the amount of fat at the same time, stimulate the collagen Contraction and thickening, quickly fill the void after ablation of fat, so that the skin is smooth and smooth, moist and compact.


The unique technical advantages of HIFU liposonix:

Probe part of the design - custom contour function

The use of circular output system, with automatic scanning of different parts of different types of fat performance, treatment will be preceded by the first part of the treatment to be marked on the symbol, the convergence of the treatment site of the continuous smooth lines, the probe along the mark, repeated back and forth rolling to achieve consistency Treatment area matrix.

Non-invasive focus ultrasound (HIFU) technology to create a compact body to achieve a double reaction

Fat to lose weight: to provide a unified concentration of ultrasound energy, 1.3cm deep subcutaneous treatment, destruction and removal of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Tighten the skin: heat mechanism at the same time several subcutaneous tissue layer of collagen contraction and proliferation. Quickly fill the void after ablation of fat, so that the skin is smooth and smooth.


HIFU liposonix for the crowd:

1, abdomen and both sides of the waist and thigh local fat accumulation, active movement are difficult to eliminate those;

2, want to sculpt the local lines, local obesity;

3, do not want to accept any invasive and liposuction surgery;

4, do not want to take care after the trauma, do not want to scar;

5, fear of those who are tired, no time and obese people.