HIFU postoperative care

- Jan 09, 2018-


Do the ultrasound, you want to achieve the best results, but also pay attention to postoperative repair, and today we come to popularize the knowledge of postoperative repair HIFU:

1, normal wash your face, but should pay attention to use warm water, to avoid the tingling caused by pressing; it is recommended not more than 2 times a week mask;


2, do not eat spicy and other irritating foods, avoid alcohol and tobacco, eat more fruits and vegetables, light food-based;


3, after treatment may appear a slight redness, deep parts of the edema, small sting, etc., which are normal, mild temporary response, this phenomenon will be normal in 5-7 days to eliminate, but also vary, There are also individual recovery time will last longer;


4, there are also some individuals recover, the face has a slight numbness of the local feeling, this is also a normal phenomenon, which is related to the individual skin and the excess energy during operation, this does not affect the recovery effect, but after 2-3 weeks will be slow Slowly disappear.


5, after treatment to avoid the heat environment, such as three warm, sauna, so as not to affect the treatment effect;


6, morning and evening each time, twelve grams of ACMETEA, 3 to 6 months, the amount according to the situation of skin rehabilitation, normal collagen does not work, repair factor does not contain repair effect.


7, postoperative attention to temporarily avoid the sun exposure, especially exposure, go out should use sunscreen to protect the skin.