HIFU Ultrasonic machine operation method

- Mar 19, 2018-

The probes are 4.5, 3.0, and 1.5 probes, respectively, Operate once again (from bottom to top) with the operation of the 4.5 cheeks, and then pull up (move from inside to outside),Then change the way the probe is lifted by 3.0 (from bottom to top), and then operate it again from the inside to the outside (move slowly, not too far apart, every two millimeters of movement),The 1.5 operation forehead and eyes (playing horizontally across the forehead), the last 1.5 of the full face with a pull to operate again.


The operation should avoid the temples, the orbital bones, and the throat knots are not operable. The operation to the lower tibia and fibula will have a slight tingling sensation, and the surrounding of the teeth will have a soreness. This is normal.

Apply a 1-2 mm gel to the operating area and apply a layer on the probe.


Operation time: about 60 minutes for the entire face. Operate once a week. One course of treatment: 10-15 times. (Some people face longer time points.)


Neck: Start from the neck and move along the neck to the ear's lymph position! ! The probe cannot operate the throat

Cheeks: Move from the corners of the mouth to a fixed point along the arc path. Operate from the top until the position of the ear's lymph nodes

Apple muscle: beside the nose wing in a fixed-point movement operation

Next, a semi-circular path pulling apple muscle

Eye week: Move the eye along the eyes to the corner of the eye to operate the semicircular arc path by means of fixed-point movement operation! ! Eyelids can't be operated and upper eyelids

Forehead: Operate from the bottom of the forehead in a fixed-point move operation