How long does it take for an OPT hair removal device to perform?

- Jan 05, 2018-

OPT beauty instrument for hair removal with safety, comfort, quick and so on, it is widely respected by the Beauty salon to use,But many people still do not know enough about the hair removal of OPT. Today, SUME Beauty will solve some problems of OPT for you.



First of all OPT beauty instrument is the most advanced kind of photon technology, using OPT technology + adsorption e light dual safety mode,With a light stability, good treatment, high safety features,In addition with a quick and painless sliding hair removal technology can achieve continuous rapid sliding, for large areas of hair removal speed is very fast, and painless icy, hair removal times are greatly reduced.

OPT hair removal is safe?

OPT hair removal is a very safe hair removal method, professional, no side effects on the human body, and even comes with whitening, soothing effect.

OPT can achieve a permanent hair removal effect?

Laser beauty instrument or glare treatment device has a permanent hair removal function, after laser or light treatment in a hair growth cycle hair growth no longer.In general, after repeated laser or glare hair removal rate can reach 90%, of course, its efficacy is affected by many factors.


OPT hair removal once effective?


Hair growth to go through the growth period, the regression period, rest period, hair growth in the OPT hair removal was 75% effective, 25% of the degenerative period, the rest period almost ineffective.The other is the hair follicles are mostly bundled together in a group of three, opening in the same pores, a hair pore is a hair follicle in a group of three hair follicles below it, so a treatment can only destroy a A hair follicle in the group.So laser hair removal generally takes three to six times to get rid of the hair clean.