How much do you know about black face doll beauty instrument?

- May 01, 2018-


The black-faced doll instrument is an instrument for a black-faced doll beauty project. In the treatment, some black toner is applied to the face, and the face is dark. Therefore, it is called a black-faced doll. When the black-faced doll is treated, the toner may be adsorbed when the face is coated with black toner. Under the skin dirt and keratin, in order to achieve whitening the skin, remove the blackhead effect, in the use of laser blasting, broken toner, so as to achieve the desired whitening effect. "The new generation of multi-functional black-faced doll" laser skin can effectively control the secretion of sebaceous glands, anti-inflammatory sterilization, inhibit the activity of Propionibacterium acnes, stimulate pore contraction, and can also whiten, because the laser light is not directly on the skin and does not focus , so don't worry about skin darkening and burning skin. It is a kind of black carbon skin beauty that you still want to do. The black-faced doll can also stimulate collagen regeneration under the skin, which can make your skin more flexible. Black-faced doll can whiten the skin, shrink pores, dilute the color spots, black-faced doll is safe, no pain, no side effects A method of treatment, therefore, black-faced dolls have received unanimous praise from the majority of people seeking beauty.