How to choose a suitable hair removal machine?

- Mar 05, 2018-

The beauty of the medical and cosmetic industry has developed rapidly in recent years. There are a great variety of laser hair removal devices on the market, which are very different from each other. For laser beauty departments, the selection of beauty devices often determines the performance and reputation of beauty salons. How to choose the right hair removal equipment?


● Determine the type: pulsed light IPL or laser

First confirm that you want to buy pulsed or laser hair removal instrument




Laser hair removal instrument is a fixed 810nm single wavelength.

Pulsed light hair removal instrument is the output of a variety of wavelengths of composite light. The short-wave pulsed light on the safety of the eye at risk, 470-530nm wavelength is transmitted to the rear of the eye and be absorbed by the retinal pigment, the retina will cause the temperature rise, easy to cause permanent eye damage.

From eye safety, IPL should also choose> 550nm.

Personal recommendation Wear goggles when using a pulsed light hair removal device.


 Energy density

In the right wavelength range, the higher the energy density, the better the hair removal effect, but the relative will be more painful.

It should be noted that if the wavelength is shorter (<530nm) but high energy, there will be a security risk.


● light area

The main light area determines the portability, the greater the scope of each distribution more widely.

A hair removal device that can be used to remove lip hair basically dispenses a small one, with two options on the light output area of the product description.


● The number of sent

The number of sent is also the service life of this hair removal device, with the energy level also has a relationship, the higher the general energy, the less the number of lamp.

The basic 10W sent can be used about 5 years, 20W sent can share more with family and friends.

The internal components of the instrument have a limited life expectancy and do not have to blindly pursue the high number of transmissions.


● scope of application

If you have off the lip hair, bikini hair to pay special attention to the scope of application of the instrument.