How to use the OPT(SHR) hair removal

- Aug 09, 2018-


Hair removal


It is normal that the skin gets a little bit redness after treatment. Ice or Hydrating masque can be used after cleaning the gel.

Note: If someone have an allergic reaction or severe redness at the beginning of treatment, you must stop the operation immediately.


B. In the process of treatment

1). Spread approximate 2 mm cooling gel in front the ears and below the chin. Making test of 23 spots according to the former parameter designed. After 3-5 minutes, observe the reflection of skin, to make sure the right treatment parameter. However, it needs to wait for a little longer time.

2). When taking the treatment to the protruding parts in the bone structure (like forehead, mandible and cheekbone). Appropriately adjust the RF energy based on different conditions of patients.

3). During the treatment, vertically slide the bipolar probe on skin with level force, and observe whether its touched well or not. Overlapped shoot makes sure to good effects of treatment area.

4). Please continuously step the pedal or press the button on hand piece.

5). Adjust the energy from low to high step by step, and make sure not more than 2J each time,avoiding skin burn.


Please do not press the button on handle one press by one press or step the foot pedal step by step. That will make skin gets different energies which will sure hurt the customer.