Introduction and use of eyebrow washing machine

- Sep 28, 2017-

Introduction to the thrush machine

The eyebrow washing machine, as the name implies, he can wash the brow, now the eyebrow washing machine can also wash the tattoo, go to the birthmark, dispel the spot, make the black face doll, etc. Because the price is not high, and two or three times can give the unloved eyebrow to the clean and clean, so the eyebrow washing machine becomes the darling of beauty salon.

Eyebrow washing machine usage method

Open the machine power key switch, screen display in both Chinese and English to Chinese two languages (customizable), continue to click simmer into precombustion countdown 30 s, by adjusting the parameters of the good, the laser beam on press foot switch from the laser.

The laser handle output port is aimed at the treatment site, and the distance between the output port of the laser handle and the treatment site is controlled by the distance of the treatment site, and the pedal switch is used for treatment. Areas with eyebrows should be kept clean and dry to avoid infection.


Laser scabling machine after eyebrow cleaning

1. It is normal to have burning sensation or trace blood in the eyebrow. Then it will have a scab, which will fall off after about 7 ~ 10 days. Do not remove the skin forcibly. The skin will fall off on its own, and it will heal naturally after about 2 weeks. During the skin healing of the scrubbing area, anti-bacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatories to avoid secondary infection and avoid direct exposure to uv radiation.

2. After using laser, keep the wound clean, dry, avoid water or cosmetic pollution, avoid strenuous exercise, in case the wound pulls apart.

3. During the healing of the scab, do not contact with water, rub, avoid spicy, smoke and wine, and eat dark foods such as coffee and Pepsi.

4. According to the depth of the brow pigment, some of the over-deep wengris should be thoroughly washed, and the eyebrow may be repursed again. The second laser treatment should be kept off for more than 45 days.

5. Should avoid the sun when the scab comes off, disable the photosensitive drugs and food, and apply sunscreen to prevent pigmentation.