Laser beauty, how much do you know?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Laser cosmetology is a non-surgical cosmetology method that has emerged in recent years. The laser has the characteristics of large energy, specific direction, and penetrability. It can generate high-calorie in the human body to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying the target.




The use of lasers for medical cosmetology depends mainly on their energy and penetration.

Damage to a specific body surface can absorb specific laser wavelengths, destroying the damaged body surface through its energy. Different lesion depths require different lasers to reach. The shorter the wavelength of the laser light, the stronger the penetration, the more it can penetrate into the skin; and the deeper the color of the lesion, the longer the wavelength of the laser light that can be absorbed.


What skin problems can lasers solve?

1. Freckle Removal - freckles, age spots

Freckle removal is the largest area of laser laser treatment, and it works for most spots on the skin surface.

The principle is to use the energy of the laser to destroy the pigment and make it decompose and absorb.


2. treatment of congestion - telangiectasia, red face disease

The telangiectasia is more common in patients with fair skin. The laser uses its photothermal effect to seal blood vessels and achieve therapeutic effects.


3. hair removal

Hair removal is also an important part of laser therapy, especially in the armpits, limbs and mouth.


4. treatment of acne

The laser can only treat mild to moderate acne. Laser treatment should not be performed when severe or there is an infection. Laser treatment can be combined with dermatology at the same time.


5. Skin Rejuvenation - Skin tightening and wrinkle removal

The intense pulse of laser light acts on the laser tissue to produce photothermal effect and photochemical effect, which can rearrange and regenerate the deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and restore elasticity; make facial skin wrinkles disappear or reduce, and pores decrease, so as to make the skin The role of youthfulness.