ND YAG Laser Q Switch Tattoo Removal Beauty Machine how long can restore the status quo?

- Feb 02, 2018-

Now many people finish semi-permanent tattoo, dissatisfied with their own eyebrows will choose to laser eyebrow, wash away the traces of tattoo. So how long to wash eyebrow can restore it?


A week off scab, a month completely restored

Tattoo removal scab off scab need to recover for a week, which is the normal body recovery time required.In addition, the eyebrow site to return to normal time needs about a month, because the skin metabolism cycle is one month.

After finishing the laser eyebrow removal may have a certain degree of red seal, a month later, the red seal will be desalination because of the skin repair, thus, the laser eyebrow removal after the adverse symptoms will disappear.

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