ND YAG Laser Qswich Beauty Machine ,The best choice is here!

- Dec 14, 2017-

Many people are not satisfied with their eyebrows or complain that they do not have too much time to trace their brows. Wash eyebrows refers to the laser or corrosive medicine method, the dermis layer above the subcutaneous pigment elimination, by this method can be all or part of the removal of the color of the previous lines.


laser tattoo removal can solve the fixed problem of eyebrows, the more secure and effective.

Tattoo removal laser machine is how to get rid of eyebrows?

tattoo removal laser machine uses high-energy laser to instantly reach the eyebrow pigment target tissue. The striate pigment is crushed into pigment particles by thermal expansion. One part is excreted through the epidermis and the other is phagocytosed by macrophages and excreted by human lymph circulation. , Tattoo pigments gradually disappear. As the laser is only applied to the tattoo pigment site, the surrounding skin tissue does not work, it is a safe way to wash the tattoo removal.


What are the advantages of Tattoo removal laser machine?

Tattoo removal laser machine is a desktop with a single pulse of energy Q1064nm laser Q1064nm laser beauty equipment. Pigment clearance rate is 12 times more than ordinary laser. And its pain is 1/12 of the ordinary color therapy apparatus. Laser pigment crushing effect and eliminate the common pigment therapy blisters and scars.


Large-screen key screen has obvious advantages in cost. The optional spot regulator meets the physician's need for fixed spot and fixed energy density. Therapeutic handgrips are equipped with 3 interchangeable headpieces to meet different treatment needs.