ND YAG Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal

- May 03, 2018-

Tattoo Removal overview

Eyebrow cleaning refers to the elimination of subcutaneous pigments above the dermis by means of a laser or corrosive solution. By this method, the color of the previous pattern can be removed in whole or in part. However, this method can cause incapacitation in people with scarred constitutions. Eradication of granulation, and most people before the eyebrows can not be sure whether it is a scar. Another type of beauty with a similar work style is eyebrow cutting.


Laser eyebrow removal machine unique advantages

1. Short time: wash a pair of eyebrows usually on the line a few minutes;

2. Fast recovery: Slightly red and swollen and soon subside.

3. Easy to master: look at the instructions or telephone guidance can be.

4. Broad prospects: There is a market for tattoos that exist.

5. Wide job: portable, conducive to mobile operations.


Laser eyebrow removal machine application scope

Remove pigmented skin: remove birthmarks, wash eyebrows, wash eyebrows, wash lips, lip lines, wash tattoos, etc. Remove pigment categories: blue, black, brown, red, brown and brown.