OPT shr hair removal skin rejuvenation rf laser tattoo pigmentation removal machine

- Sep 19, 2017-

Now is the hair removal season, beauty salons in order to carry out business, increase revenue, hair removal equipment is a necessary beauty equipment.

In the hair removal in this regard, opt hair removal equipment can achieve a good therapeutic effect. Relative to the market of hair removal cream and other tools have a great advantage.


OPT beauty instrument is the use of selective photothermal principle, so that the hair follicle parts produce high heat, thus undermining the structure of hair follicles, to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Frozen painless hair removal device with contact cooling head, can make heat limited to damage the hair follicles, while allowing heat can spread from the epidermis, in these cases, the skin will not be damaged and can be free from heat damage.

OPT hair removal device in addition to hair removal can also solve the freckle, whitening, rejuvenation, wrinkle and all other issues, is a cost-effective beauty equipment.


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