Oxygen Injector Bubble Cleaner

- Mar 24, 2018-

Everyone is washing their face every day. Can they really wash their face? Is it possible to completely remove subcutaneous secretions, oils, and cosmetic residue? Oxygen Injector Bubble Cleaner can do it! To know that the subsequent absorption of the skin directly depends on whether the previous cleaning is in place, facial cleaning is the most critical and most important first step. Oxygen Injector Bubble Cleaner, Every cleaning brings you surprises and thoroughly cleans your skin residue.



This equipment uses crused oxygen and water. Tiny drip with nutrition fluid is acted on skin in the form of spray. These tiny drips could penetrate through pore and cracking of skin. So tiny drip in filtrats from epidermis into dermis to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells as well as to removal waste in epidermis. At the same time, the skin's infundibulum is filled with nutrients to provide lasting nutrition to the skin, leaving the skin moist and shiny.


6 in1 Oxygen Injector Bubble Cleaner RF Ultrasound Cold Hammer BIO Skin Care Beauty Machine


Oxygen: face cleaning,blackheadremoval, pore cleaning

Ultrasonic : promote microcirculation, can be imported into the deep penetration of skin products to accelerate the absorption

RF :face lifting and tightening

Cold hammer:skin tightening,shrink pores

BIO micro-chemotherapy: enhance the tightening of the facial skin, promote lymphatic drainage

Needle free water oxygen injectorRemove wrinkles and smooth skin.