Preoperative and postoperative care of HIFU ultrasonic machine

- Mar 16, 2018-

In order to retain their youth and beauty, many people choose to do hifu ultrasound scalpel. Today, we have to hifu ultrasound machine what we should pay attention to before and after ultrasonic scalpel.


1. Keep the skin and hair clean and hygienic before surgery. No makeup on the day of surgery. The traces of the previous makeup should be removed as much as possible.


2. Do not wash your face with hot water within 3 days (water that does not exceed body temperature). Pay attention to replenishment. It is recommended not to exceed 2 membrane a week.


3, to fully communicate with your doctor before surgery, in strict accordance with the doctor's attention to postoperative matters.


4. Don't eat soy sauce and other heavy pigments in one month. Don't drink alcohol or eat hot peppers.


5. In combination with the ACMETEA repair factor for ultrasonic cutters, the repair factor contains the repair of double-bidirectional moisturizing factor, which helps the heat-damaged cells to undergo new cell reconstruction and achieves the collagen scaffold layer in vivo through the repair factor.


6, after the ultrasonic knife beauty treatment, do not go to high-temperature sauna, yoga and other high-temperature environment within one month after surgery, and not exposure.