Q&A·SUME take you a more comprehensive understanding of Liposonix

- Dec 18, 2017-


1, which people are suitable for receiving treatment?

The main purpose of Liposonix surgery is to help men and women who are "standard" to "moderately fat" to improve body size, reduce size and reduce excess fat, ) And thighs.


2, the treatment time how long?

Liposonix offers a precise and efficient "Walk-in, Walk-out" treatment for you by a fully trained professional educator who takes about 1 hour per treatment.


3, how long can see the effect?

Clinical studies have shown that immediately after treatment, the size can be reduced immediately, and the fat metabolism is completed after two weeks and the effect is better.


4, need recovery or follow-up care?

Non-invasive Liposonix  technology, will not cause any wounds, swelling, scalds or postoperative discomfort, the process does not require the application of anesthetic agents. Because there is no recovery period, the treatment can be immediately returned to daily life, even more pleased that you do not need any further follow-up care, because of Liposonix using a special patented technology focus from the skin surface will be high energy, high Frequency shock transmitted to the subcutaneous fat layer (0.7-1.5 cm), accurate targeting and shatter fat cells, and natural metabolism through the body, so the effect can be sustained after surgery.


Not suitable for this course of treatment

1. Pregnancy, lactation, or pregnancy treatment plan

2. Cardiac rhythm, implanted cardiac defibrillator or other electromagnetic implantable medical device

3. Fat metabolism and fat metabolism disorders, including severe hyperlipidemia or severe fatty liver

4. Impaired liver function or abnormal liver function index

5. Immune system damaged or inflamed

6. Diseases related to abnormal connective tissue

7. coagulation dysfunction or taking serum drugs

8 wound healing history

9. Close to the treatment site has large metal prostheses

10. Serious diabetic patients

11. Persistent use of anti-polymerization drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or oral contraceptives.

12 with skin infections


Treatment area taboo

1. Remove all jewelry and accessories from the body

2. The treated area has open wounds or severe skin problems

3 abdominal hernia, rectus abdominis or abdominal aortic aneurysm (abdominal treatment)

4. Exotic implants (replacement joints, surgical mesh, artificial material, orthopedic prosthesis) under the treatment area


After treatment care tips

1. Immediately after surgery can restore daily life

2. In order to achieve excellent results, maintain good health after surgery and take proper balanced diet control.

3. It is recommended to add 300-500CC warm water immediately after each operation

4. It is recommended to drink more water within two to three weeks after surgery (300CC water per meal is better)

5. Maintain proper exercise (at least 10-15 minutes daily)

6. Avoid alcohol, overeating and supper