The most detailed HIFU ultrasonic machine beauty principle in history

- Mar 14, 2018-

Maybe many beauty lovers don't know much about hifu ultrasound machine beauty technology. Today, follow experts to learn more about the working principle and effectiveness of hifu ultrasound machine beauty instrument!


HIFU Ultrasonic machine is the use of focused ultrasound technology, the energy gathered in the SMAS layer (fascial layer), so that the collagen to achieve the optimal temperature of denaturation (60-70 °C), stimulate the SMAS fascia layer collagen regeneration and reorganization, construction The brand new collagen fiber webs achieve the effect of lifting and firming in a non-immersed manner, restoring skin elasticity and youthful vitality.


HIFU Ultrasonic machine cosmetic effect:

Tight: The world's most advanced ultrasonic knife beauty firming technology can lift firming skin.

Mention: supplement collagen vacancies, hold up the skin support, enhance the relaxation profile.

Pull: The whole face is lifted and the tension on the face is lifted.

delicate: Improves skin dullness, roughness, and youthful beauty.

Fine: Makes the skin delicate and shiny, to achieve the effect of rejuvenation.