The principle of 6 in 1 Newest Oxygen Jet Face Deep Cleaning Beauty Equipment

- Apr 19, 2018-

Daily face the radiation of the computer and mobile phone, air pollution, long-term accumulation of toxins, irregular routines and wrong skin care methods so that skin problems continue to emerge, no matter how good skin care products can not be effectively absorbed, but become a burden on the skin.


Skin "vacuum cleaner"--Oxygen Jet Face Deep Cleaning Beauty Equipment

Desire to have a white, clean, transparent, moist "high-definition face"? The first step is to get a deep cleansing of your skin, remove keratin and waste, drive away toxins, open pores and inject water and nutrients.



This equipment uses crused oxygen and water. Tiny drip with nutrition fluid is acted on skin in the form of spray. These tiny drips could penetrate through pore and cracking of skin. So tiny drip in filtrats from epidermis into dermis to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells as well as to removal waste in epidermis.