What is picoseconds? These picosecond features make it a hot product

- Dec 20, 2017-

What is the meaning of picoseconds?

Picosecond laser is a technique that uses a laser in picoseconds (1 picosecond equals one trillionth of a second) to fragment melanin particles,To do the picoseconds will not hurt the skin around the stain,Picosecond removal of stain effect is by far the most prominent of a laser technology.


Picosecond What is the role?

Remove dark skin

Picosecond mechanical laser uses a very short pulse output mode, the use of shock wave melanin particles crushed into extremely small particles, the photothermal effects of side effects to a minimum, to solve the purpose of skin pigmentation.

Remove stains

In addition to the picosecond laser does not significantly improve the symptoms of pigmentation, but also can not damage the epidermis in the case, start a comprehensive update of the skin mechanism, re-activation of the skin to achieve the purpose of rejuvenation of the skin.

Remove tattoos

Picosecond laser laser can be the same as other lasers can go to the tattoo, but also to the traditional laser 10 times the frequency of treatment to shorten the tattoo to 2 to 3 times.

Shrink pores

After the picosecond laser is done, a lot of newborn collagen will be produced as the body needs to repair the hair follicles. The newborn collagen helps the skin to shrink pores, fade fine lines and lighten some insignificant scars.


Picosecond advantage

Less damage to the skin

The shorter the action time of the laser, the less the laser energy absorbed in the target tissue is likely to diffuse into the surrounding tissue. The energy is confined to the target to be treated to the maximum extent, protecting the surrounding normal tissue and thereby treating the overall damage.

Precision crushed melanin

Picosecond Laser pulse width of only one percent of the traditional nanosecond laser light energy almost no photothermal effect, but was absorbed by the target target its volume swollen speed, the pigmented skin in a shorter number of treatments, resulting More effective.

Scab fast, not black

If pigment particles are compared to rock, traditional lasers can crush the rock into pebbles, and the picosecond laser shatters it into a dusty condition, reducing the chances of pigmentation after treatment.

Damage recovery period is short

After the basic swelling within 12-24 hours to subside, a wide range of applications, a treatment can also improve facial multiple problems. Almost zero injury, no scab off after escaping fast, suitable for fast-paced people. Second, it does not have any scars, dark spots, anti-black problems.