What season is the best for permanent hair removal?

- Apr 08, 2018-

What season is the best hair removal?

Answer: Generally suitable for spring and winter.




The average consumer is always in the summer of wearing a skirt before he wants to have a permanent hair removal at the hospital. In fact, this approach is not wise. Because after the permanent hair removal, although the skin is not red and swollen, but in the days after hair removal also pay attention to the prevention of hot water rinse and sunlight exposure and so on. If you make a permanent hair removal in the summer, outdoor high temperatures and high-intensity UV light will make your skin sweat a lot, affecting normal skin recovery.


In fact, compared with summer, when in October of the year in April is the best season to hair removal, don't go to sunscreen to protect your hair removal parts of the skin, will not affect the aesthetic feeling of summer skin.