Winter skin care expert——6 in 1 oxygen jet rf bio face deep cleaning machine

- Oct 16, 2017-

Winter skin most prone to dry fine lines, bleak, sensitive red, frequent acne these four problems, if the original has the above symptoms, then the winter will be more obvious. This is dry with the winter temperature, cold has a great relationship. We can not change the climate, only more careful care of our skin. Now recommend a skin care artifact——6 in 1 oxygen jet rf bio face deep cleaning machine.


This equipment uses crused oxygen and water. Tiny drip with nutrition fluid is acted on skin in the form of spray. These tiny drips could penetrate through pore and cracking of skin. So tiny drip in filtrats from epidermis into dermis to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells as well as to removal waste in epidermis.


The effect is to deal with the skin of the eight issues, including: management of the cortex, add water, improve acne, prevent aging, remove hair follicles, pore management, blackheads, maintenance of the skin. Its main uses are: blackheads, sebum, acne, dead skin, cell hydration. This therapy can help you to better handle the skin on the residue, improve skin quality.

When we use oxygen jet rf deep face clean the skin, must be a lot of water, the more water the better, which we have to use a lifetime to do.