YAG laser beauty equipment encyclopedia solution

- Jan 17, 2018-

YAG laser beauty instrument using electro-optic Q mode, the pulse width of only 6ns, 1064nm laser single pulse energy up to 800mj, instant laser energy to effectively break the discoloration of the disease, namely the light burst: high energy laser instantaneous emission, 1064 & 532nm wavelength Of the laser in a very short period of time (6ns) moment effect on the target tissue, the corresponding color-based light energy instantaneous explosion speed demolition blasting fragmentation, a part of (epidermis) color base fragmentation excreted from the epidermis, the other part ) Chromosome broken into small particles can be macrophages phagocytosis by macrophages eventually excreted through the lymphatic circulation, the diseased tissue will gradually reduce until the color base disappears, but the surrounding normal tissue due to non-absorption or pole Less absorption of 1064 & 532nm wavelength laser so almost no damage (almost no clinical side effects), no rest after surgery. The electro-optic Q-switched laser language has a single pulse energy that is truly continuously adjustable so the doctor can get any energy density (spot constant area) for clinical use.


Endogenous pigmented skin lesions: Ota, Ito, Mongolian spot, zygomatic brown nevus, coffee spots,

Freckles, seborrheic keratosis, spotted nevus, border mole, melanosis, blue nevus, post-inflammatory pigmentation, melasma and the like.

Exogenous pigmented skin problems: tattoo, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line and traumatic tattoo and other pigmented skin lesions.

With special treatment head easily achieve rejuvenation, closing pores, dilute stains, whitening, blackheads and oil control effect (black doll).

1064QCH output flat cap mode spot, uniform energy distribution, good consistency of treatment results, safer treatment and less pain;

6ns pulse width, treatment more mild pain, higher peak power, more thorough smash pigment, skin damage more minor;

800mj light guide arm at the end of a single pulse of energy, a variety of skin pigmentation disease clearance more secure;

Configure the spot regulator to obtain a more stable, the doctor needs a variety of spot area, to ensure the treatment area of the treatment effect of consistency;

1064QCH concise and user-friendly interface that is very convenient for doctors and technicians to operate.