YAG laser Q-switch Tattoo Machine(M) Instruction

- Aug 08, 2018-

YAG laser Q-switch Tattoo Machine(M) Instruction

Through this article, you can easily understand the YAG laser Q-switch Tattoo Machine

Q-switch ND YAG Laser 

For removing endogenous pigmentation and traumatic pigmentation

professional design for the whole structure

Steady the life of usage

Working continuously at least 3 hours under a good cooling system

The original CPC quick disconnect connector  

The maintenance and transportation of the instrument conveniently


ND-YAG laser Tattoo removal machine gem Q-mode, the effective use of high-energy laser shot smashed the lesions in the pigment. The photo-induced burst principle: given the use of high-energy laser instantaneous, so that the irradiated energy is absorbed by pigment particles after the expansion of rupture, a split into more small particles removed from the body, part of the body excreted through the lymphatic system to remove the pigment.