360magneto Optrica Opt Shr Nd Yag Laser Machine

Quality SHR Hair Removal Machine manufacturers,360 magneto OPT shr nd yag for hair removal,skin rejuvenation,wrinkles reduction,tattoo romoval,360° magneto-optical IPL, E-light, ND YAG laser, 3-in-1 machine Working Principle

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Working Principle

Based on the theory of nd yag laser and magnetic energy light,on the one hand, RF magneto-optic laser can produce different wavelengths of the laser to destroy black and coffee pigment and dark spots. Then,when the sports are gradually absorbed by the body , the color of the spot will lighter and lighter. On the order hand, magneto-optic skin white system is applied to remove melanin, dissolve the production and diffusion of melanin, activate the melanin of the stripped cells and reduce the melanin of the epidermis effectively by the technology of magneto-optic energy light.


Laser typeRF laser+Magnetic-optical System
Power supply220V/110V
Wave band1-6(adjustable)
First pulse1-9ms(adjustable)
Secondary pulse1-90ms(adjustable)
Outlet frequency1-6Hz
Laser wavelength1064nm / 532nm/1320nm
Working frequency1-10Hz
Q-switch system Passive Q-Switching
Cooling systemwind +water
Packing size38*54*95cm


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