IPL+laser Hair Remove Machine

IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, is another form of hair removal very similar to laser hair removal. The principle for both treatments is the same and is based on using targeted light energy which is absorbed by the hair follicles, damaging them, so that it eventually prevents hair regrowth.

Product Details


Opt+IPL+laser+shr hair remove+rejuvenation of 6 in 1 multifunction machine use Sapphire cold touch technology: using sapphire treatment hand, it can cool the local skin’s surface temperature to 4 ℃ and without any pain during the treatment period of hair removal, moreover, it has freezing effect on the beauty of skin

SHR fast hair removal mode: more secure CW light waves, can make a role continuously and uniformly to the hair follicles by IPL energy Raise hair removal speed and depth, hair removal more thoroughly. Super insurance security light: freezing IPLOPT and sapphire cooling technology, make accurate effect on melanin granules, doesn’t affect the sweat after the hair removal, more safe and secure.

ABS material nice looking external case
An All-rounder. Q switched ND:YAG laser, SHR, 2 in 1. Able to treat almost all kinds of skin problem
No harm to the hair follicle and normal skin, leaving no scar.
Short treating time and easy operation
High quality controlled solid-state laser complying with international standard.
Computerized with big LCD
No downtime and interruption of routine activities, no side effect.
Extensive patient and fast return of investment.


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