CO2 Fractional Laser Vaginal Tightening Machine

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Working Principle

The use of 10600nm moisture absorption of standard laser, the use of three-dimensional lattice technology and 360-degree ring-shaped launch technology, the perfect combination in the vaginal / mucosal control of the depth of 50-70 degrees Celsius to produce high temperature, stimulate the lamina propria and muscle Fibroblasts in the layer of new students, and damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers and other reorganization, so as to achieve the thickening of the antero /vaginal tightening, so that the vaginal compactness, sensitivity increased.

Advantages: no side effects,avoid infection, comfortable and convenient, effective, high satisfaction, simple operation.


Pulse width0.1ms-10ms (adjustable)
Focal spot diameter100um-2000um (determined by the zoom lens)
Spot size0.02 ~ 0.05mm2
ModeRandom , Normal and Midsplit scan
Scanning shapesquare, rectangular, diamond, round, triangular
Scanning range20mmx20mm
Cooling systemWater circulation cooling + air cooling
Touch screen10.4 inch color touch screen
Size121 * 42 * 44cm
Power supply200-240V AC / 50HZ 100-120V AC / 60HZ


(1) Vaginal tightening,

(2) Vaginal rejuvenation,

(3) Eleminate vaginal dryness

(4) Striae of pregnancy removal


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