Q-switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Q-switched laser tattoo removal machine is the only clinically-proven method of removing a tattoo without causing scarring. Remove a wide range of tattoo colors & inks with Q-Switched laser tattoo removal machines and equipment. Industry leading tattoo removal lasers.

Product Details

How does Q switched Nd: YAG Laser work?

Tattoo removal by Q-switched laser uses a process known as the 'photoacoustic effect'. When the laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo pigment an extremely high temperature is generated - typically thousands of degrees. However, this high temperature is not sustainable and so it 'collapses.'

This produces an acoustic wave to form around the pigment particles. The result of this wave is a shattering of the particles of ink into smaller fragments. The body's own defense mechanisms then remove these smaller particles leaving behind the larger tattoo pigmentation. Subsequent treatments will induce the same 'shattering' effect on the remaining ink particles until they eventually all disappear.



Type of laser

ND Yag laser/Q-switch
Aming LightRed infrared light
Pulse width~10ns
Recurrence rate1-10HZ
Screen8.0 inch color touch screen
Laser wavelength1064nm/532nm/1032nm
Laser Recurrence rate1-10Hz
Red infrared light1-8mm(continously adjustable)
Laser robsyellow crystal rods
Cooling systemWater+Wind 


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