Tattoo Eyebrow Removal Machine

Laser tattoo removal machine. Best for tattoo, pigment, nevus removal. Quote now. OEM&ODM Available. Medical CE&ISO Quality. 100% Satisfaction. Services: IPL Machine, Tattoo Removal Machine.

Product Details


How it Works?

If youre worried about lengthy sessions with a laser, dont be. Q switched laser with very short pulse durations 3ns, which help keep skin free of scarring. To further protect the skin, treatments are usually done over several sessions. The number of sessions you need will depend on your tattoo. Every tattoo is different and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, meaning some tattoos are easier to remove than others. Professional tattoos (one you get at a tattoo parlour) tend to take longer to remove than those done by amateurs (one you get at a party after one too many tequila shots).


Technical Specifications

Type of laserND Yag laser/Q-switch 
Aming LightRed infrared light
Pulse width~10ns
Recurrence rate1-10HZ
Screen8.0 inch color touch screen
Laser wavelength1064nm/532nm/1032nm
Laser Recurrence rate1-10Hz
Red infrared light1-8mm(continously adjustable)
Laser robsyellow crystal rods
Cooling system Water+Wind 

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