Adjustable Tattoo Machine Device Laser Pigmentation Acne Scar Remover Equipment YAG Laser New Products Listed

- Jan 31, 2018-


For eyebrow tattoo failure of beauty, a better method is to choose medical treatment, surgical resection, skin grinding technique is used to repair failure means of eyebrow tattoo, but as the trauma is relatively small, the popularity of laser with better effect, the above two methods to be being washed out gradually, the laser is often used to eyebrow removal.SUME beauty launched a new eyebrow removal machine - Adjustable Tattoo Machine.


Laser can selectively act on the tattoo area, so tattoo instant burst color, and normal tissue will not be destroyed, on this basis,The new eyebrow removal machine also added two adjustable 1064nm & 532nm probe, a 755nm picosecond probe.




Effectively remove the dark tattoo tattoo tattoo, tattoo, eyeliner, lip line and traumatic pigmentation


Eliminate color pigments, eliminate red, tan tattoo, tattoo, eyeliner, lip line, birthmarks and various types of superficial epidermis

1320nm Black doll head

Shrink pores, whitening rejuvenation, oil control, deep cleaning pores impurities.


Sunburn, freckles, chloasma, age spots, liver spots, dermatogens and other intractable stains and red moles, etc., to improve the skin, eliminate the pigment