Considerations For IPL Hair Removal

- Aug 15, 2017-

preoperative preparation

Pruning: Treatment area hair length in close to $number mm is best. Before treatment, it is advisable to trim hairs to this length, or shave 3-7 days in advance to make hair grow to the desired length during treatment.

Cleaning: Before treatment should be thoroughly cleaned the treatment area of dirt or cosmetics, to prevent the impact of the skin on the absorption rate of light energy. It is not advisable to use flammable solvents such as alcohol or acetone for cleaning.

Dry: The skin should be treated before treatment to ensure dryness.

Test spot: For the customer's skin type, hair color and hair thickness, select the test energy parameters, launch two Test spot, wait 10-15 minutes to observe the clinical response.

Energy selection: Select the parameters that make the skin and hair have a significant change without adverse effects.

Treatment site: Can be used to remove the eyelid near the eyebrows, any part of the hair.