High-end Beauty Equipment, Which You Know?

- Sep 23, 2017-

Beauty equipment is the beauty salon suction the necessary magic weapon, the traditional handmade beauty can not meet the requirements of customer beauty. But the beauty equipment is also sub-grade, the general beauty salon by the price of beauty equipment will be divided into the end file, mid-range, high-grade third gear. General high-end beauty equipment are very popular with customers, and the higher prices, customers will not buy their own, will choose to enjoy the beauty salon, so that beauty equipment to help them improve the skin problems. So what about high-end beauty equipment?

NO.1 Hifu Machine


From the US technology of a non-invasive direct role in the SMAS fascia layer of high-energy ultrasonic knife, ultrasonic energy to the fascia layer of collagen tissue recombination, without damaging the normal tissue of the human skin, so as to reach the tendons Membrane lift effect.



NO.2  Medical Equipment for Weight Loss Skin Care Beauty Machine


In this society, thin is the truth, only thin, can become more beautiful, the pursuit of weight loss for most women, there is no end. Beauty salon introduction burst device, must be a very good selling point, will attract more customers to spend. Now there are a lot of high-end beauty equipment, the moment is more popular as a cold burst fat slimming device. Frozen negative pressure meter combines the "frozen + negative pressure suction / fat frozen fat" "40K strong sound wave burst fat" "RF RF solution / fat" three powerful technology as one, deep subcutaneous fat cells, Resulting in hole effect, this resonance will make fat cells within the manufacture of numerous fine bubbles of the bubble and then continue to hit each other, so that the cell inside and outside the positive and negative pressure uneven, when the limit to the cell membrane, it will produce blasting , Thoroughly decompose and dissolve fat, while achieving the role of slimming shaping.

NO.3  Shr IPL Elight Hair Remover RF Face Body Tattoo Eyebrow Pigmentation Remover Beaity Salon Machine


Summer hair a burst of hair removal wind, all kinds of hair removal methods after another, relative to the traditional use of hair removal cream, scraper hair removal equipment more people get love. Now to introduce you to a super economic application of the hair removal equipment - four in one OPT hair removal device.

Four-in-one OPT uses strong pulsed light energy + RF RF + surface cooling three core, perfect OPT flat top square wave technology; is based on photon / E light through research and improvement of a set of advanced instruments, is now available for all Hotspot technology multi-purpose beauty system.

Beauty salons as long as the introduction of these instruments, basically able to meet all the requirements of beauty category, will greatly increase the beauty salon and tourists.