New Beauty Salon How To Purchase Beauty Equipment And Precautions

- Jan 08, 2018-

New beauty salon, how to buy beauty equipment? Today, we will analyze, what kind of beauty salon survival probability greater, the introduction of beauty equipment what kind of instrument is more reasonable and buy equipment skills.


Beauty salon industry status quo

1. The livelihood rate of beauty salons operating solely on technical services was only 9.6%, while that of beauty salons that introduced high-tech beauty appliance items was as high as 86.6%. The difference between the livelihood rates was 77%.


2, the profitability of beauty projects: breast weight loss hair removal project accounted for 32.8%, Blemish whitening project accounted for 27.2%, 21% of basic care projects, SPA rehydration projects accounted for 15%, other projects accounted for 4%.


3. Method and ratio of beauty salon changes in operation: Introducing high-tech beauty equipment (42.6%), promotion, profit sharing, adding capital (37.4%), introducing high-end talent, adding store management (12.7% 6.4%).


Beauty equipment purchase tips

By project:

Do not choose a single product category, a single species, beauty salon for our new start is not very convenient. A single project will make us shed a lot of tourists, so in the choice of time, according to their own store positioning, select the appropriate store services items products, such as the beauty market more popular items have hair loss weight loss, whitening, beauty Body, postpartum repair and so on.


On demand:

We do not have to consider the brand, such as joining a weight loss chain brand, if the brand we are doing, then we can hardly find their own advantages, it is difficult to profit from it.


Is the technology advanced:

Now the beauty industry is developing very rapidly, so the beauty industry changes very fast. Choose beauty equipment must choose the popular trend, so as to keep up with the pace of the times. So in the choice of beauty equipment, technology is the first to be considered, advanced technology, you can keep the industry leader, but also is a propaganda buy. The best choice for research and development of enterprise products.




The quality of beauty equipment is also an important consideration. If the operation process, the equipment often fails, not only affect the beauty of normal business, affecting performance, but also will bring bad experience, it is easy to lose customers. Therefore, the purchase of beauty equipment, depends on the beauty equipment used accessories, the material reaches the national label, service life, frequency, and security risks.

Get goods directly from the factory

This is also the most important point.

In the company directly get goods, not to choose the agent's product, which is done by experienced managers.

Experienced beauty salons managers, will get goods from the local agents, but directly from the beauty equipment manufacturers get the benefits, it is not available in the agents, so this should pay special attention.