Winter Is A Good Season For Hair Removal

- Dec 08, 2017-

Hiding in a thick winter, does not mean you can take care of body care! Summer hair problems, wit small partners will pay close attention to solve in winter!



1. Winter hair removal treatment better

Hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period, rest period, retreat period. Hair growth cycle itself, different parts of the hair growth cycle is not the same, usually after 3-6 times to obtain more satisfactory hair removal effect. Winter treatment, until the summer, just to achieve the best results.


2 winter hair removal concealment the best

Hair removal treatment every interval of 4-6 weeks, in order to ensure the best therapeutic effect, during treatment can not scratch or pull out new hair, so as not to stimulate hair follicle activity.

Select the winter hair removal, wear more clothes, the treatment area covered by clothes, no need to worry about hair growth process was found.


3. Winter hair removal better

The effect of hair removal and the thickness of the hair, thick, parts, coloring and energy are related.

Winter, the skin is more white than the summer, to ensure the safety of the epidermis, relatively speaking, laser hair removal treatment energy is higher than in summer, it will achieve better results.


4. Winter hair removal recovery better

Hot summer weather, the skin sweating more oil, if hair care after improper, there may be folliculitis.

This adverse reaction in winter less, the normal repair of the hair removal site the impact of small, easy to achieve the best hair removal.