Wrinkle, Lose Weight Cost-effective Equipment:Slimming Machine Hifu 2 In 1 Liposonix Slimming Face Lifting Machine

- Dec 28, 2017-

Slimming Machine Hifu 2 In 1 Liposonix Slimming Face Lifting Machine combo HIFU, Liposonix two instruments all product features, functions, and advantages.





1. Wrinkle ,Eyebrow , double chin removal

2. Jowl , Face ,Neck ,  Forehead lifting

3. Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening;

4. Malar Augmentation;

5. Nasolabial Fold removal;

6. Eye bags removal.


1. Standard 3 tips  (1.5mm, 3.0mm,4.5mm), precisely acting on

different depths of the skin.  For face lifting. Wrinkle removal .anti-aging

2.The energy will go into the epidermis directly ,no any harm to skin

3.It will produce thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibers and stimulate the fat layer and SMAS.  

The result is far better than fractional rf.

4.The skin will be lifted and tightened at once, and effect will last for 3 to 5 years

5.There are no post-surgery down time and you can resume your normal activities immediately

6. Easy to control and operate, no consumables, cost-saving.




1. body thinner, skin tightening.

2. Fat reduction.

3. Body slimming, body shaping.

4. To promote and accelerate the body s metabolism.


1. Non-surgical treatment: no injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole treatment process.

2. Safety: it selectively takes effects one the target fat cells, destroying the fat cells thoroughly, and then the fat sells are removed by the absorption and decomposition of human body's natural endogenous metabolism.

3. Intelligent design: Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interfaces, easy to learn, safe and convenient.

4. Convenience: The whole treatment is comfortable, no need to wear a shaper corset, no down-time, without any affects to normal lift and work.

5. Effective results: After one treatment, 2cm fat will be reduced; after 3 treatment, 5-8cm fat will be removed. Remarkable slimming results without bounce.